Activities for Books

Make a Bug Catcher Make a Pet Ladybug

Christmas Maze Make an Ornament Giftbox

Dress-Up Doll Array Worksheet

Hidden Picture Sort the Items

Going Green Bingo Future activity in the works!

Match the Footprints Sequencing

Make a Bear Mask Cook with Mrs. Herkey - Recipes


Activities for Poems and Stories

Coloring Sheet 1 Coloring Sheet 2

Word Search Crossword Puzzle

Find the Pattern! Bubble Gum Maze

Match the shoes Find a Pair

Make a Memory Game Coloring Sheet

Name Matching Names Word Search

Pasta Animal Crafts Spaghetti Maze

Match the Notes Complete the Patterns

Draw your reflection MakeĀ "Clean Clay"

Butterfly Matching Build a Butterfly

Fold a Fence Make an Origami Dog

Make a Pirate Eye Patch Make a Pirate Hook

Make your own Handbells Make your own Guitar

Make your own Fence Post Soldier Make a Spyglass

Make a Tiger Mask Make a Safari Net

Store Maze Make a Matching Game

Complete the Words Make a Bird Feeder

Counting Sheet Sort the Picnic Things


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