Hi! My name is Sherion H. Jackson and this is my website. As you can see, I like to write children’s books. I have been writing for and about children for many years. I have always enjoyed reading and so writing just seemed to be the next step for me.

I wear many hats. Besides my writing, I work for a university so I can pay the bills. I sometimes teach online because that’s fun, too. Before my university work, I taught preschool/kindergarten, fifth, fourth, and second grades, and 7th and 8th grade math in Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

Now I live in North Carolina with my husband. We like to travel around the world. Our last trip took us to Vancouver, Canada where we watched planes land on the water from our hotel room window. Right now, I’m thinking about writing a story about those planes.

We also like to hike in the mountains and ride our motorcycle when we have time. I have learned to cross-country ski, which I love for the beautiful scenery along the way but pay for with lots of bruises. My all-time favorite book is “Cheaper by the Dozen” but I don’t really believe that people are cheaper by the dozen. That just doesn’t make sense to me. Right now my favorite movie is “You Got mail” and my favorite color is blue but those two favorites change often. I like dogs better than cats, bugs better than snakes, and berries better than popcorn. However, I don’t really dislike any of these.

My husband and I have two children who are now adults: a daughter who is an artist and lives nearby and a son who lives far away and has a son and daughter of his own. We also have a beagle named Lucky Lucy, who thinks we’re all lucky to have her. . . . .  And she is absolutely right!  

Copyright Sherion H. Jackson

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Sherion H. Jackson