People often write or email me with questions about me or the stories I write. Here in this section I have compiled just a few of these questions for you. As I receive new questions, I may add them to this space, so be sure to visit my “frequently asked questions” frequently and you may find your question answered here, too.  

What kinds of things will I find on your website?

I’ll bet that you’re going to find lots of great, fun things to read and do on my website! There are hands-on-activities like crafts to create and mazes to do, and matching sheets for kids and then you can find games to make for corporative play. There are also coloring pages for early readers, and all of these things are illustrated by Ceika. Teachers will find resources for their classrooms. Parents will find fun activities for imaginative play with their child, and children will find books and poems with matching activities, and all of this is free. There’s even a dinosaur, some bugs, and spiders, and bears----0h no!

Can I listen to these poems and books on my mp3 player or iPod?

Absolutely, we are implementing that feature in the next weeks. Just check for my little icon in the upper right-hand corner, download to your mp3 player or iPod, and enjoy!

How many children’s stories have you written?

If I counted them, I think the total would be around 15 completed children’s picture books and many more children’s poems, but many of my stories and poems haven’t been posted on this website, yet, and I continue to write several children’s stories each year. So the number of completed stories just grows and grows.

Where do the ideas for your stories come from?

You know, my book and poem ideas usually develop over several months or even years. I once thought about a story for 4 years before actually writing it. Some of my story ideas come from watching children play and listening to what they say to each other. A few of my stories are pulled from my experiences as a child in rural Texas or events that happen to me in nature. Of course, I really haven’t seen any real dinosaurs.

Can I share these stories with others?

Please do share with others. That’s why I write—for others to enjoy. My website is a collection of childrens’ picture books and poems, which were written by me in order to promote the love of reading. I would be delighted to loan you each of these stories for your reading or listening enjoyment (kind of like a library) but you cannot keep them as your own. That would be called plagiarism and would be against the law—copyright law. I feel very proud to be able to loan you these stories for a short while. If you were to take and keep the stories and call them your own work that would not be fair or ethical since I have worked very long and hard over the last 35 years to create each story. Thank you for being fair and ethical.

Every time I go to the website, it looks different. Does the website change?

How observant you are! Actually, it does change. The website is patterned after a bulletin board I use to create for my fourth grade classroom at the beginning of the year. The tree changed with the seasons and sometimes we decorated it for a special holiday. I’ve seen several teachers create different trees for their classroom use, too. Also, you have probably noticed that the stories occasionally change. I just post a few stories at a time to cut down on confusion—mostly my confusion. That way when someone asks me a question about the book, I can figure out which one they are asking about. So visit our website often for an assortment of new and different stories.

If I send a donation, what do you do with it?

The donations that you send actually go for the website upkeep and to the students who help me work on these books. For instance, the voices you hear are often college students and I pay those students to read to you. I don’t make any money from the website, so if you like the picture books and poems please donate so we can keep the website up and stories coming.

I see lots of read-a-loud and picture books for young children on your website. Do you also write chapter books or poems?

Yes, I do also write both chapter books and poems. I should even have a book of children’s’ poetry coming to the website within this next year.

Will you ever post chapter books to your website?

I’m glad you asked that question. Right now, I am finishing 2 chapter books for ages 6-10 years and will begin posting these as soon as I have edited them. I will probably begin posting a chapter at a time and then post the entire book later on.

I love to listen to these stories being read and wonder if you ever do readings for schools or libraries.

I do travel a lot and have in the past stopped in route and held a story hour for a group of young children and their parents or teachers. It was fun and I met lots of nice people. Hey, maybe I’ll see you sometime.

How long have you been writing?

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote my first story about a mouse that was running in a marathon and had the very worst luck ever, but really, that wasn’t yesterday. It was over 35 years ago. So I guess I’ve been writing off and on for a very long time. Of course, many years I wrote a lot of stories and then some years not so many.

What age group would be most likely to enjoy these stories?

The stories you find on this website are read-aloud books and poems and I guess all ages might enjoy the short children’s stories. I really focus on young children, ages 1-6 for the picture books but all of us love to be read to so we’re right back to “all ages” will enjoy these books and poems. Check out the illustrations, too. Sometimes Ceika adds little funny things for both children and parents.

What does the “H” in your name stand for?

Well, someone once told me it must mean “happy” because I’m usually a happy person but really, it is my maiden name or my last name before I got married. It stands for “Hudgins”. My full name is Sherion Janette Hudgins Jackson. Now isn’t that a mouth full?

Are all the materials on this website copyrighted?

Yes, everything you see is copyrighted but I grant permission for you to print off a personal copy and use for educational purposes or just to read or listen to, but please be sure to give the author, the illustrator, and the reader credit by including our names with the story because we all work hard to create this website and stories. Please do not reproduce these for any type of profit or remove our names when making personal copies. That would be like stealing and would be against copyright law.

Can I listen to these poems and books on my mp3 player or iPod?

Absolutely, we are implementing that feature in the next weeks. Just check for my little icon in the upper right-hand corner, download to your mp3 player or iPod, and enjoy!

Copyright Sherion H. Jackson

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