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The House of
Old Joe Mather


Joe Mather has left his home and the town’s folks are worried that the house is becoming run down. What will they do about it?

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Jingle Cat
and the Christmas Fish


When Brian is asked by his aunt to watch her goldfish while she is on holiday vacation, it turns out to be more difficult than it sounds. How will Brian keep the goldfish safe from his cat?
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Three Like Me


The new neighbor next door is acting strange and Adela is surprised when she discovers why.

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Looking Over The Fence


This book is chocked full of poems that will delight and fascinate children and parents alike.

Bubble Gum Blues – Careless – Fence Post Soldiers – I Have Many Names – In the Mirror – Lately I Like Lizards – Lost in A Store – Looking Over The Fence – One Man Band – Practicing Piano – Spoons and Spaghetti – Stacey's Butterfly – Sticky Notes – Too Many Shoes – Triceratops Travesty

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Messy Room McGuire


Matillda never has time to clean her room but she always has time to play. One Saturday afternoon she is left to watch her baby brother and clean her room. Then her brother disappears. Where is he?

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The Graysons Go Green


Grant’s kindergarten class is going green. Grant wants to go green, too, so he can get a gold star, but he isn’t sure exactly how to go green. When Grant’s whole family decides to go green, Grant helps in hopes of finding out what going green means. Will Grant go green and get a gold star?

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Aunt Tootsie's Blue Shoes


Aunt Tootsie has many adventures in her blue shoes and her nephew decides if he had some blue shoes he could have great adventures, too.

Henry Herkey's
Honey For Sale


Henry Herkey goes into town each morning to sell his honey and pickled okra and egg sandwiches. In the evenings, he collects the honey from nearby trees. Unknown to Henry, Samuel Bear also collects honey from the same trees. Funny things happen when a rainy day forces these two to change their routine and they come face-to-face.

Wanda On a Windy Day


Wanda can think of lots of things to do on a windy day but none work out. What will she find to do on a windy day?

The Peach
Pulling Machine


A gigantic, clattering machine has been picking peaches for the town people for many years. When one little boy decides to question why the machine just pulls two at a time, the town’s folk question him and are afraid to try something new.

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